September 2001

Because it's you
lyrics & music by Jessica Kutzscher

Somehow you’re someone special

But I don’t know the reason why

Feel incapable of controlling myself

When I look into your tyrannical eyes

Endeavour to make you satisfied

Can’t help obeying your rules

Well, I guess I must be bewitched

I enjoy serving because it’s you

I hate to believe that I serve you

I hate to admit but I do

The summer’s losing its color, the sky is losing its blue

Everyone’s crawling, obedient smiles – yeah just because its you

No one would ever contradict

You’ve got the power to make them keep quiet

You behave like a king on a throne

And everybody does what you desire

I feel a little excited, behave like a fool

Everyone’s busy, trying to make it right – yeah just because it’s you