März 2001


lyrics & music by Jessica Kutzscher

1. verse:
Disillusioned with this world in general

Details would take years to tell

I’ve never expected a perfect world

But why do we change it into hell?

2. verse:
Disillusioned with people’s kindness

I miss it every day

I doubt that I’m so exemplary

But there’s no sign of us mending our ways

Disillusioned with reality

Disillusioned with all one can be

Disillusioned with some friends

But not with myself, not myself

3. verse:
Finding no sun left to shine

Thought it would never get dark

Disillusioned with honesty

Why do we promise at all?


I’d like to get back into my own world

So come on close your eyes and join me

Take my hand we’ll find all trust we seek