lyrics & music by Jessica Kutzscher

1. verse:
In everything I see you appear with me

There’s nothing else I think about

I dream day and night, keep longing all the time

But there’s nothing that could bring me down

Bridge 1:
It’ll always stay a dream

You’d never turn to me

But until the end of time

I promise you you’ll be on my mind

Feel like flying when I see your smile

Like dying when I’m lost in your eyes

Like crying ‘cause you don’t hear my calls

Like dying ‘cause you don’t notice me at all

2. verse:
Somehow it makes me sick

Don’t wanna believe it

I need you but you don’t care

Don’t wanna realize and write your name in the sky

I can’t help seeing you everywhere


Bridge 2:
I just want you to find out who I really am

I give you so many signs but you don’t understand, yeah