September 2001


lyrics & music by Jessica Kutzscher

It’s September 1st
No single sunbeam’s left
And everything I want the world to be has become true in my head

It’s September 1st
Like a rainy November day
Does it emphasize how I feel today? My tears become one with the rain

And if you look into my heart you’ll find a lot of emptiness
Please don’t analyze my words today, they show hopelessness

Welcome moment when I feel like the only loser in this world
No clues what’s happening with me - I can’t put it into words
I think it’s normal, hope this feeling won’t stay
It’s just the way things look like on such an off-day … like today

You better stay in bed
You better hide away
Keep waiting for tomorrow to realize it’s another perfect day

It’s September 1st
I hate everything round me
I hope this day will soon be over, this day is killing me

And if …

Welcome moment, …

And if …

Welcome darkness, take me away, help me escape from this world
I don’t care where you leave me, there’s no place that could be worse
Bye, bye earth, you won’t see me again
It’s just a crazy illusion on such an off-day … like today