Juli 2002

Like a prisoner
lyrics & music by Jessica Kutzscher

This is my paradise ‘cause you’re not here
No ordinary life when you’re not near
This should be my real world full of fun, I’m free
But it’ll stay an illusion ‘cause you always control me

Who knows where I’d be, if you didn’t take control of me?
Who knows what I’d do, if I weren’t observed by you?
No matter where I go you follow me
I obey your rules but you punish me
Feel like a prisoner (like a prisoner)

This is like a dream - no rules to obey
My observer is not here – freedom’s making my day
I’m enjoying this warm night without you
Get this party started – there’s nothing forbidden I’ll do

Who knows …

I know he means well by me
But I’ve got only one life
He doesn’t see that he tortures me
How can I open his eyes?
I know for sure that he is right
But let me go my own way
Baby, see I could never be like you

Who knows …