September 2002

I’m watching you

lyrics & music by Jessica Kutzscher


It’s so hard ,cause I can’t see you anymore

And I pray to meet you again someday

I still feel so close to you

Do you remember all the times we spent together? Well, I do


I know you think:

Wherever you go, wherever you sleep

Whenever you fall, whatever you do

I’m watching you


Life’s so cruel – to be without you

I need your advice but I won’t ask you one more time

I wonder when I look up to the sky

Is heaven so cool, the place where angels fly?


I know you think: … I’m watching you


Sorry, I’ve got another ridiculous wish, so prick up your ears!

I want nothing more than this, wish you were here!

Tell me, can you hear all my calls?

Sometimes I wanna be where you are … I wanna be where you are



I know you think: 2 x

I’m watching you …